Note: Sex machines are a reserve of experienced sex toy users

Note: Sex machines are a reserve of experienced sex toy users

Practice moderation at all times, especially if you’re a beginner. And always read the instruction manual before assembly and use.

Sex Machines and Anal Sex

Using a sex machine for anal sex doesn’t have to be complicated. After all, the only difference is you might need a smaller-sized attachment for anal penetration. Plus, you’ll need more lube than vaginal sex to reduce friction and make the experience more realistic.

Doggy and missionary sex positions might be the only feasible choice for thrusting sex machines. And to get the correct elevation, you might have to regulate the machine’s angle and height.

For saddle sex machines, the rider-on-top position is the best. You can also turn the device on its side for a more ‘thruster-like’ doggy-style position – just make sure the machine is stable enough to avoid it toppling over.

Note: For couples sharing the sex machine or singles using it for anal and vaginal penetration, clean the attachment thoroughly between uses to avoid transferring infections to the vagina.

Best Positions For Sex Machine Sex

Missionary: This is the best position for sex machine sex, especially if you’re using the device yourself. Position the device in front, lie down, and scooch back so the thrusts hit your sweet spots. You can always switch the position depending on whether you’re deep thrusting or enjoying slow and shallow shots.

Doggy Style: The sex position is perfect for thrusting sex machines. Simply lay on all fours and position yourself well in front of the device. You’ll also have to regulate the height and angle of penetration appropriately. More importantly, have the remote controller within your arms reach or hand it to your partner for hands-free orgasms.

Benefits: perfect for deep thrusting, double penetration is possible with appropriate attachments, excellent for trying with handheld suction cup fuck machines.

Rider-on-top (cowgirl). It is suitable for saddle sex machines like the Tremor sex machine. Unlike the previous two sex positions, you have more control over the thrusting depth and angle of penetration. And being that you can support uberhorny mobile your body weight and thrusting depth with your legs, it’s ideal for anal play.

Other best sex positions include spooning and the three-legged stand, both of which are perfect to use with handheld sex machines, preferably with a partner.

How To Clean Your Sex Machine

Cleaning the sex machine can be time-consuming, especially if it’s massive. However, you don’t have to clean it after every use – just remove the attachment and clean it instead.

Of course, it depends on the material – silicone is much easier to clean as always. A mild soap or toy cleaner and water mix usually do the trick. You can also boil silicone attachments once in a while for disinfection’s sake.

For porous attachments like TPE dildos and clitoral stimulators, I recommend using a clean cloth to wipe before drying it. You can even use a condom to simplify your after-care experience.

For the fuck machine, use a clean washcloth to wipe off any visible dirt marks before storage. And for saddle sex machines with a removable cover, take it off and clean it separately.

DIY Sex Machines

We don’t recommend that you build a fucking machine because so many things can go wrong, causing harm to yourself or others. Besides, there are many high-quality products today, some very cheap fucking machines as you can see on our list.

However, if you want to try to make a DIY sex machine at your own risk, you can check out a few legit resources about homemade sex machines. What comes to mind is Machine Yourself and Orgasm Valley , two sites with some decent guides on how to build a fuck machine.


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